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What People Are Saying….

First off I need to establish that I'm Italian and originally from New Jersey and therefore I have a natural distrust for anyone in the automotive field.

I was in Rome GA this past weekend for my nephews wedding that I was part of, and upon arrival, I realized that that my brake lights were stuck in the on position. This would most certainly drain my battery and leave me carless, far from home and stranded on a wedding weekend. It was 5PM on a Friday.

So I stumbled across Rudy....
Not only did he offer to stay open on a Saturday and squeeze me in, to service my car,, be he also offered to give me rides to a from the B&B where I was staying. He spent patient phone call after patient phone call, giving me directions and advice in the interim. He and his awesome staff, kept me regularly informed and updated on the status of the repair knowing that I was anxious about the time. Finally, way before I needed it, I received a phone call as well as the shock of the cost of the repair. It was at least half of what I would have paid elsewhere.

Kindhearted, professional, above and beyond, friendly, patient, courteous, funny, personal, descent and far more then reasonable, if you live anywhere near Rome GA, and drive anything foreign with four wheels, don't go anywhere else for service.

Very sincerely.
Derek Ferwerda.
Former guitarist for
Hall & Oats
Rick Springfield
Chaka Kahn
Joe Cocker
Cindy Lauper
The Spin Doctors


I walked into this shop dreading of the outcome of the price to repair my car. When i walked in i was greeted with a smile and asked if i would like a refreshment or the remote to a full cable tv. At that point i felt very at home and began trusting the owner and his cheerful office manager. Not only did the owner look at my car but he was very honest with me and actually showed me all the damaged parts on my car. He fixed my car within a day and again showed me all the bad parts he had taken off the car. he quoted me 30 percent lower than any dealer outside of rome ga and used their exact same parts. Im proud to say that i have found a awesome shop that i trust and will continue to be a loyal customer. They really are great!
~Nicole Brown (http://www.automd.com/shops/rudys-european-auto-repair_355181/)

I received quick, friendly service from the shop's owner and operator, Randolph Crocker. My Blazer needed some maintenance and repair and it was done same day. The price was lower than other shops I had estimates from and the work was better. I haven't had any trouble with it since the work was done. If I still lived in town I would always take my car to Rudy's shop because it is hard to find a mechanic you can trust.
~kl2667 (http://www.automd.com/shops/rudys-european-auto-repair_355181/)

quick, reliable service. Appt when I requested it. Very trustworthy

Wonderful service!

I feel they did an excellent job and they were fast and friendly.

Did a great job on my BMW. Highly recommend Rudy's!

I was very pleased with the staff. Courteous and helpful.


8:30am ~ 5:30pm Monday thru Thurs.
8:30am ~ 5:00pm Friday
1403 Shorter Ave SW | Rome, GA 30165
Phone: (706) 291-0741